Frugal Baby Shower Gift Ideas
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Frugal Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Different things to buy for a baby shower gift, how to give and stay within your budget, frugal baby shower gifts.

There are many different things babies need, and new mothers would like to have when having a child. Everyone knows babies are expensive and many people have baby showers to acquire new or gently-used baby stuff so that it is less expensive to have a baby. The more others give you, the less you will need to purchase yourself. With this being said, you can give great baby shower gifts on a budget without breaking the bank. My first recommendation is to set a budget of how much you’re willing to spend on your friend and the baby. Try not to go overboard, I know I wanted to buy lots of stuff for my friends when they were pregnant because you care for them so much and want them to have everything they need, but remember there are lots of others who will be helping them out, not just you. The bottom line is you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford to. Here are some great baby shower gift ideas:

  • Diaper Cake (not a real cake, but lots of diapers made to look like a cake, learn how to make one at WikiHow)
  • Diaper Bag full of assorted stuff
  • Baby bath tub with bath/grooming products like baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby brush, baby wipes, baby washcloths, baby fingernail clippers, baby soap
  • Couple of cute outfits
  • Onesies
  • Baby gown or sleeping clothes for baby
  • Socks, booties, hats, bibs, burping cloths
  • Medical type stuff like thermometer, nasal aspirator, diaper rash ointment, baby powder
  • Dreft laundry detergent for babies' clothes
  • Sheets and comforter set for baby’s bed
  • Playpen or pack-n-play
  • Gift card to wherever mother is registered
  • Baby books
  • Baby magazines
  • Baby mobile to hang above bed (you could make one! Here's an article on how to make a unique baby mobile.)
  • Teething rings
  • Soft baby toys or stuffed animal
  • Blanket (you could make one! Make a baby blanket or you can also croceht a baby blanket)
  • Baby monitoring system
  • Baby gate(s)
  • Diaper Genie for disposable diapers or diaper pail for cloth diapers
  • Diapers, disposable and/or cloth
  • Pacifiers
  • Breast pump (if mother is planning on nursing)
  • Bottles along with nipples
  • Bottle brush for cleaning bottles
  • Formula
  • Baby coupons for various different baby products – A good idea is to save any coupons you come across for the new mother and give her all the coupons you find as an additional small present to go along with whatever else you are giving. This will help the new mother when she needs to purchase more of a baby product like diapers, formula, ointment or any other baby products. You could also use coupons on products you intend to buy to give as gifts for the new mother. Refer to my previous article on where to find baby freebies to find lots of coupons and freebies for a new mom.
  • Another idea is that you could offer to throw the baby shower at your house, send the invitations and provide the food and beverages for the event, along with a small gift.
  • Give the mother a New Mother Gift Basket or New Mother Survival Kit, which are two cute ideas for the new mom.
  • Make some homemade baby wipes and be sure to include a "how to" note for the new mom, so she can make her own when she runs out. There are a lot of sites that go into detail on how to make them and there are a few different recipes you can find by doing a search online.

On the big purchases like a crib, bassinet, stroller, car seat or other large purchase for a baby, split the price in half with someone else who wants to give a large gift to the new mother. Also, make sure someone else hasn’t already purchased or is planning on giving one of these gifts. Oftentimes the grandparents or other family members like to give large gifts that the baby will need like a crib, stroller and car seat. Always remember to include the gift receipt when giving gifts, that way if the new mother got two of the same thing she could return one and use the credit at the store to purchase something else she may need that she didn’t get. Also, remember to always check the clearance area and the sales when shopping. You can find some great deals on clearance and sale priced items. Also, remember to check the registry if your friend has registered at any store. Popular stores to register for baby stuff are Wal-Mart, Target and Baby’s R US.

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