Fun Things to Do At Slumber Parties
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Fun Things to Do At Slumber Parties

What to do for fun at slumber parties. Slumber party activities.

Slumber parties can be a total blast if you plan ahead.  They can be fun if you don't plan ahead too, but you guarantee fun when you plan ahead.  Think of what you want the theme of the party to be and prepare for it.  Here are just some ideas of what to do and some games that can be played at slumber parties. 

Have a spa party.  Go to the dollar store and get some finger nail polish remover, some emery boards, and lotions etc.  Do each other's nails.  You could even have a make up exchange and everyone can bring in make up that they don't like and everyone can make trades. 

The Mummy Game:  This game is also done at bridal showers but is played a bit differently.  All you need is some toilet paper or a lot depending on how many poeple are at the party.  The object is to have one person be the mummy per team or pair and the other or others wrap that person from head to toe in toilet paper.  The first team or pair to get their mummy completly covered wins.  For a bridal shower, teams each take turns designing a dress with toilet paper on the bride to be, and everyone judges which one is the best.  To make things trickier limit each team to one or two rolls of paper.

Kiss the Hottie:  This is a slumber part version of pin the tail on the donkey.  Take a poster out of a magazine of a hot celeb you and your girlfriends all like.  Hang it up on the wall.  Have everyone put on a bright shade of lip stick, all in different colors if you have them, and then blind fold them.  Spin each girl around a couple of times and then have her go and kiss the hottie on the wall.  The girl who gets her lip marks closest to the hottie's lips wins.

Truth or Dare:  I don't think I need to explain this one, girls have been doing it at slumber parties since the beginning of slumber parites.  Ask your friends truth or dare, if they say truth you ask them a question that they are bound to answer honestly, if they say dare you dare them to do something that will be entertaining to watch, like kiss your own foot.  

Decorate Something:  Get each girl a white T-Shirt, a white pillow case, a plain tote bag, or some cheap flip flops and give them the makings to decorate them, fabric markers or paint, glitter, etch.  Be sure to wash T-Shirts and Pillow cases before the party the paint and markers will stay on better if the shirt is washed first. 

Get a Book of Ghost Stories:  There is something fun about scaring your friends at a slumber party.  Read some ghost stories out loud.  Or memorize a couple and tell them to your friends feel free to add in your own changes and details.  Turn the lights off and only leave a flash light in the center of everyone to make it even scarier.

Enjoy your slumber party.

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