Halloween Fancy Dress and Party Ideas
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Halloween Fancy Dress and Party Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than letting your hair down with a fancy dress party. Whether you are male, female, fourteen or forty Halloween parties can be great fun and easy to organise at a cost that wonÂ’t break the bank.

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than letting your hair down with a fancy dress party.

Whether you are male, female, fourteen or forty Halloween parties can be great fun and easy to organise at a cost that won’t break the bank.

If you have dedicated your home for the party just move all furniture out to the edges of the room. Floor space is essential to get the party going in full swing with dancing and party games.

Decoration ideas

A few sheets of white paper to cut out ghost, spider and pumpkin shapes is an easy to do option for even those who are not artistically minded. You can add faces and patterns with marker pens.

2.     You can buy cobweb effect spay or just shred up loads of cotton wool very thinly, and attach it in thin strands at your front door so it brushes your guests faces as soon as they walk in.

3.     Before the big night make a life size zombie to stand in a corner of your room. Very easy to make and lots of fun! Using a balloon for the face that you cover in paper mashe. Some old clothes stuffed with newspaper to create the body. It really doesn’t matter how hideous this monster looks it is Halloween! So get creative.


Fancy dress costume ideas

These again can be thrown together cheaply but effectively, using things you may already have lying around the house.

The bride of Dracula can be achieved with the use of a white sheet used as a dress, lots of white face paint on the face and lips, dark eye shadow on the eye lids, black eyeliner around the lids and some red lip stick for the bite marks on the neck and if you so wish red blood like streaks from the corner of the lips.

2.     Vampires are also a great and very easy fancy dress character to achieve. With all the Vamps films that are around at the moment you can see that they can wear anything! Use the method for Dracula’s bride on the face and add fake fangs if you like.

3.     Monsters, shape shifters and were wolves can all be created from your own imaginations. Fake fur, blankets or any kind of material you have lying around can turn you into a warrior, a god or goddess. The emphasis is very much on the face make up and your attitude!


Games to play!

There are many traditional games that you could easily set up before hand to play at your Halloween party.

 Apple bobbing is fun and a real laugh! Use a bucket of tepid warm water with a few apples floating inside. When your guests have had a good dunking in the water they could move on to a bowl of flour with apples in for them to retrieve by mouth. This game can get messy, so it would be advisable to put towels or newspaper on the flooring.

2.     Pin the nose on the witch! You need a large piece of card. Draw out the side profile of a witches face. Draw out a hooked nose shape on another piece of card; this nose is what your guests will attempt to stick on the witches face whilst blindfolded in the game, for safety reasons I use blue tac, not a pin to stick the nose on the witch.

3.     Feel the objects under a towel.  Place random objects on a tabletop, the best kinds of objects are those that feel like they could be something else. Your guest will be blindfolded and with their other senses working over time even a few cold pieces of cooked spaghetti can feel like the entrails of some poor soul! Or a washed pickled onion can feel like an eyeball. Get experimenting with different textures.

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Comments (6)

These are wonderful ideas Lisa. Re tweeted :)

Fantastic games Lisa, I am going to play it with my grand kids.

Great party ideas, Lisa. Having it on halloween makes it interesting.

Great ideas and the kids are so cute in their costumes!

Halloween's fast approaching and this ideas really come in time to be tried, Lisa.

thanks for the comments! I love halloween, riding through a village yesterday I was delighted to see all the halloween scarecrows dotted around the main drive through!