Photo Editing How to Make a Customized Birthday Cake Design for Your Child Using Photoshop Cs3
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Photo Editing How to Make a Customized Birthday Cake Design for Your Child Using Photoshop Cs3

When I was a child, what I always wanted to see on top of my birthday cake were pink and yellow flowers. I never told my mom about it but I always have these flowers made of icing on top. It was easy before to have the cake your child wants because girls are for pink & flowers and boys are for blue & cars. Nowadays, there are so many cartoon characters created wherein almost every child have favorites.

Birthday themes are often based from cartoons. True to most mothers like to have a customized design wherein they could include photos of their birthday boy or girl. I am one of those mothers and here are some tips where you can have a personalized birthday cake design in a much lesser expense. A design anyone can follow using Photoshop or Paint.  I am using Photoshop CS3 but any photo editing tools would do since this is not a major photo editing activity.  

Photo shown below is my nephew (top) and my son (below).  I made two photo presentation with every step to have two outputs.  

First, take different photos of your child with the same sizes of shots.  Count the number of your child's name and make sure you have good photos taken on that number.  I took 6 shots for each because their names are Wilson and Martin having six letters each.   


Second, Upload it in your computer and open your Photoshop .   If you don't have Photoshop, you can use Paint Click here to see the location of Paint in your desktop.

Then, locate your photos and select one. 

We have to type in one letter at a time for each picture.  Click the horizontal text tool as shown below.

Adjustment of font style, size and color can be seen on top of the window. 

Now, type in a letter of your child's name.  One for each photo. 

In your layer tab at the right side of your window, click the fx (effects) and choose 'Stroke' to add a border effect to your letter for better emphasis.

From the Layer Style pop-up menu, change the color to what matches more for your photo.  You may also want to increase the size found on the same Layer Style window. 

Make sure that you save it using "Save as" to create a new filename and not "Save" so that you will still have your original. 

Do this from the start to each of the photos until your done spelling out your child's name.  Print it or have it printed in Printing press like Kodak.  Once printed, cut the outline of the photos and tape the back with a stick so that you can let it stand in a birthday cake.   

Just like this.

You can also print out their favorite cartoon characters and place it beside them.  It is very easy and there are a lot of things you can design using your photos and imagination.

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Comments (4)

this is wonderful

What a great idea! I've got a little boy with a birthday coming up, and this has been a terrific inspiration for me. Thanks so much. :)

Your welcome Tracy :) I'm glad this helps.